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Six Ways to Combat Construction Workplace Accidents


Regulations and an increased level of scrutiny have helped to make workplaces throughout the United States safer. Despite this, hundreds of construction workers still suffer fatal injuries every year.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), an estimated 4,836 people died on worksites in 2015, and approximately 20 percent of those occurred on a construction site. Organizations throughout the country are working hard to help combat these accidents. The Transportation Safety Apparel (TSA) recently published an infographic outlining common mistakes made on construction sites that, if corrected, could have a dramatic impact on safety.

  • Use Fall Protection: About half of all fall deaths on worksites occur from 25 feet up or less, and experts believe that this is because workers higher up are more careful to use their safety equipment.
  • Wear Hard Hats At All Times: 84 percent of workers who suffered a head injury were not wearing a hard hat at the time of the incident according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Stay Focused While On The Job: While there is no strict legislation governing the use of mobile devices while on a worksite, studies show that these types of distraction can decrease brain activity tied to operating machinery or driving by an estimated 37 percent.
  • Get A Good Night’s Sleep: Fatigue on the job was listed as a contributing factor in one out of every three workplace accidents. Sleeping for a full eight hours, and making sure that you aren’t scheduled to work consistently long hours can help mitigate this risk.
  • Report Safety Hazards: Hazards at work need to be reported to be fixed. A recent study published by the Center for Construction Research and Training found that more than 25 percent of construction workers did not report an occupational injury.
  • Make Sure You Receive The Training You Need: According to the TSA, more than two thirds of all construction worker deaths in New York were linked to employers that failed to participate in state-approved apprenticeships and training programs.

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