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What Types of Accidents Happen in Casinos?


When you visit a casino, you expect to have a good time, not to sustain a serious injury. Unfortunately, people are injured at casinos every day, sometimes due to the negligent actions of casino staff, management, or owners. Whether you visit the casinos in Las Vegas, Utah, California, or any of the other lone establishments located throughout the United States, accidents can happen.

Common causes of injuries include:

  • Slip-and-fall: A casino visitor could slip on any unsteady or slick surface not properly cleaned or marked as hazardous. Whether the slip was caused by a spilled drink or a recent cleaning, all slipping hazards should be immediately dealt with and visibly cautioned against.
  • Trip-and-fall: All tripping hazards should be safely put away for the welfare of casino guests. Stray objects or loose carpets and cords could be extremely hazardous and could lead to a serious fall.
  • Transportation: Sometimes casino or hotel shuttles and cars can be hazardous. Whether the driver is poorly qualified or the vehicle is inadequately maintained, the casino is responsible for ensuring that all of their vehicles are safe and reliable.
  • Food poisoning: If food is undercooked or stored in unsanitary conditions, it could lead to serious food poisoning. Not only can food poisoning make you sick, but it extreme cases it can even prove fatal. It is the responsibility of the casino to maintain their restaurants, and any bad food should be their responsibility.
  • Alcohol-related incidents: Sometimes when alcohol is involved situations can get out of hand. Rowdy guests can become violent, harming others around them, including other casino visitors. It is typically the responsibility of the casino to maintain such situations, and they should be held responsible for any consequences.
  • Alcohol server liability: Servers and bartenders are tasked with the responsibility of determining when drinkers have had too much. Casino staff should no longer sell alcohol to already intoxicated visitors, and if anyone continues to serve those individuals alcohol it could mark the casino responsible for the resulting damage or injuries.
  • Security issues: The security staff in casinos are charged with keeping the peace and maintaining order. If there is a breach of security and the security personnel did not adequately do their job, the injuries that follow could be the responsibility of the casino.

If you were injured in an accident at a casino, our firm wants to help. Don’t wait to seek justice for the wrong done to you, take immediate action to defend your rights and push for justice.

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