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Reduce Your Risk of a Car Accident on Holiday Weekends


Most people look forward to enjoying their three-day weekend; they certainly don’t anticipate needing the services of our Salt Lake City attorneys. However, road accidents are all too common onholiday weekends when both traffic and the likelihood of careless driving are higher than usual.

This past President’s Day weekend there were several traffic accidents all across Utah and elsewhere in the U.S. As reported in St. George News, In Iron County, UT, a three car pileup occurred on I-15 as a result of careless driving and holiday congestion.

According to the article, the driver of the third car involved in the accident claimed to be travelling at approximately 70 to 75 miles per hour (within the speed limit); the driver did not slow down and stop in time when the congestion was encountered. Subsequently the car collided with the second vehicle, and the force of that strike caused the second vehicle to rear end the first.

All of the vehicles involved sustained significant damage and fortunately no one was seriously hurt. However, severe injuries are all too likely in similar circumstances. You can’t prepare for every eventuality, but there are steps you can take to reduce risks before heading out on the road on a busy travel weekend.

The first of these steps is some common sense advice from Highway Patrol Trooper Nathan Clark, who was dispatched to the scene of the accident. As he was quoted saying in the St. George News article: “You need to understand that on these higher speed freeways you need more distance to stop … So if you don’t create that distance between your car and the car in front of you, the odds of you ending up in a collision on a holiday are a little more prominent than if you were out here by yourself.”

Other steps to take before a long holiday weekend drive include:

  • Make sure your vehicle has had its scheduled check-ups and that you address any needed repairs and maintenance before a long road trip;
  • Abide by common driving safety procedures, including wearing seatbelts at all times, avoiding distractions by mobile devices and sleeping/resting when needed;
  • Periodically check local traffic reports (ask your companions on the trip to check for you on a mobile device if necessary, or take a rest stop to orient yourself);
  • Make sure your health and auto insurance status and documents are updated, in order and easily accessible in case of emergencies.

Finally, an extra step you can take: be ready to have quality legal representation if necessary. At Cutt, Kendell & Olson we handle highly complex car and truck accident personal injury cases involving death or permanent injury. We represent our clients with the utmost care and dedication, and we provide them with high-level advocacy to help them obtain the compensation justly due them. If you have any questions, please contact one of our attorneys today.

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