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Utah Injuries Caused By Drunk Drivers on the Rise


With spring break and warm weather around the corner, many people are dreaming of their next road trip. According to St. George News, this time of year results in an increase in traffic and potentially an increase in drunk driving. In fact, according to a November 2015 article released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drunk driving accidents are so prevalent that the annual cost of alcohol-related crashes in the United States totals more than $59 billion. With more cars and careless drivers on the road, it’s important to know what options you have if you or a family member is ever injured in an automobile accident. Personal injury lawyers, like those at Cutt, Kendell & Olson, have a wealth of knowledge and the experience necessary to help you through any situation involving injuries or death resulting from a car accident.

The lasting effect of being involved in any car accident is taxing. If long-term injuries or even the death of a loved one are added to the problem, things can seem completely overwhelming. For many people, seeking help from a personal injury or wrongful death attorney can appear daunting, but the knowledge and guidance that comes from an experienced personal injury lawyer can greatly minimize the strain and pain that comes from these accidents.

There are a number of considerations involved in assessing the aftermath of an automobile accident, and no one should have to go through the process alone. If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s driving – whether impaired or not – then contact the experienced law firm of Cutt, Kendell & Olson for a free consultation.

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