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Big Corporations Are Evil


As lawyers we often end up fighting big companies. We fight them for our clients because these companies knowingly honor profits over the lives of everyday people. The following are just several examples of such wrongdoing:

The president of the Peanut Corporation of America was recently sent to jail for 28 years because his company’s products killed 9 people and caused 714 other people to become sick. Lab results of their product confirmed that they contained salmonella, but the president & other executives told them in writing to ship them anyway. Other products were never tested, but were shipped based on false lab reports. Why: because, to quote the company’s president, not shipping them “is costing us huge $$$$$”.

Toyota has repeatedly denied there is anything wrong with their vehicles. Yet there are 100’s if not 1,000’s of complaints that their vehicles accelerate without the pedal being depressed and without any warning. The wife of electrical engineer Dr. Raghaven had this occur to her Lexus. Her husband was able to download data from the vehicle that showed the accelerator position had not changed, but that the engine’s revolutions per minute surged to a high number. Toyota has denied this and most other claims by arguing that the driver was in error by pushing the accelerator when they meant to push the brake. Since this continues to happen a Toyota driver should be aware that their vehicle they may accelerate without warning or may for the first time in their life mysteriously become pedal confused. Either one is trouble.

The CKO lawyers are willing to take on these companies. We do so knowing that we fight their propaganda that lawyers are the problem and not their products. The many injured Toyota owners and people who died from salmonella caused by peanuts would argue otherwise.

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