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It's Almost Skiing Time!


With summer winding down and the winter season nearing, ski resorts will reopen for everyone’s snow cutting fun. Ski resorts are a big part of the local economy and drive the tourist industry. We expect ski resorts to provide a fun and safe environment for our vacation fun. Unfortunately, many resorts cut corners and decide to take the risk, placing their visitors at serious risk for injury.

In Utah, the Legislature has passed laws that shield ski resorts from liability for those things inherently dangerous in the sport of skiing or snowboarding. However, the Utah Supreme Court has ruled that this protection does not mean ski resorts can cut corners and claim immunity. Ski resorts still owe an obligation to their patrons to make sure their property is safe. When a ski resort fails to do that, the ski resort is responsible for the harms caused by its negligence or oversight.

The lawyers at Cutt, Kendell & Olson handle cases against ski resorts throughout the Mountain West and have successfully tried many ski cases, receiving seven-figure verdicts. Not all injuries suffered at a ski resort warrant legal action. Our lawyers are extensively trained and experienced in this area of law and can evaluate your case for free and tell you whether legal action is in your best interest.

That said, there is no substitute for personal vigilance and responsibility. So while out on the slopes, be careful, pay attention to others, abide by the rules, and most importantly, have a good time!

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