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Winter Is Coming, Have A Safe Ski Season


Utah is a beautiful place to ski. Every year, thousands of people come to our state’s snowy mountain ranges to get out on the fresh powder, taking in all the natural beauty that surrounds them while racing down the slopes on skis and snowboards. Although skiing and snowboarding are thrilling, they are not without a risk of injury. If you have been injured in a ski accident, seek medical attention immediately. Once you have received treatment, contact an experienced Salt Lake City personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a personal injury claim to receive compensation for your injuries.

Although there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of being injured in a ski accident this winter, there are steps you can take to minimize this risk. Keep the following in mind next time you hit the slopes:

Wear Correctly Fitted Equipment

When you’re skiing, you’re wearing a significant amount of equipment. Skis, bindings, boots and your helmet all work together to keep you safely connected to your skis. Always be sure to wear equipment that fits you correctly! Even a binding that is too loose can mean slipping out of your ski and being injured.

Stay on the Trail

At ski slopes, the trails are clearly marked. Do not venture off the trail. The area beyond the trail could contain hidden rocks, snow-covered ponds with only a thin layer of ice and other injury risks.

Never Ski Alone

Use the buddy system when you are skiing. This way, if anything does go wrong, one party can call for help. Never allow children to go skiing unsupervised.

Observe Proper Ski Etiquette

Yield to other skiers as they pass and do not cut others off. By obeying the rules of the ski resort and respecting your fellow skiers, you can drastically reduce your chance of being injured while skiing.

If you have been injured in a skiing accident, contact an experienced Salt Lake City personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are protected. At CKO Legal, we are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you are a brand-new skier or have been shredding the slopes for decades, you are always at risk of being injured when you ski. If you have suffered an injury while skiing, do not wait to contact our firm to discuss the possibility of filing a personal injury claim.

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