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Preparing for a Personal Injury Trial


If you or a loved one has suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct you are entitled to compensation under Utah State Law. However, there are facts that must be proven in order for a settlement to be reached and the case must be filed within a two or three year statute of limitations. All this means that you are going to need the services of accident lawyers with experience in this type of litigation. The accident attorneys at CKO Legal have years of experience and are focused on helping real people get the settlements they are entitled to under the law.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, there are multiple procedures to follow when getting ready to file your claim in court. This process, called “discovery”, includes several different components:

  • Compiling a list of witnesses and experts who can substantiate the injury.
  • Gathering the necessary medical files to substantiate the validity of your injury claim. At this time, the court may order any physical or mental evaluations they deem necessary to the case.
  • Generate a list of questions that the parties involved in the injury will be asked.
  • Gathering all of the documentation recorded on the day of the incident in question, including data stored electronically.

Accident lawyers are aware of all the necessary paper work involved with filing a claim and will make sure that everything is submitted correctly prior to your court date.

Damages that can be filed for include – lost wages, medical expenses, damaged property, emotional stress, and pain and suffering. If there is clear proof of willful negligence, punitive damages are also permitted. Utah law does not allow plaintiffs to collect damages if it is proven that they are more responsible for the incident than the defendant.

Often times with the help of accident lawyers a case can be settled without needing to go to trial. Utah law encourages, but does not require, mediation, neutral assessment or arbitration be attempted before filing a court case. These alternative methods of conflict resolution are often more efficient and economical for everyone.

Accident lawyers at CKO Legal know and understand how difficult it is to deal with personal injury claims. Their experienced legal team is happy to assist you obtain and file all of the necessary medical and legal documentation for your claim, so you receive the compensation you deserve.

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