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Biking Safety


Vital Information from Our Salt Lake City Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The Salt Lake City bicycle accident lawyers of Cutt, Kendell & Olson represent a number of bicycle accident victims each year throughout Utah. We would be glad if it were never necessary.

Having handled so many cases of preventable bike accidents, our firm is committed to educating cyclists and drivers about bicycle safety to help reduce the number of injuries and deaths. In fact, we have committed to begin donating a portion of our fees from every cycling accident case to support cycling organizations and their safety awareness efforts.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a bicycle accident, our team is ready to help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Tips for Avoiding a Bicycle Accident

Our attorneys work hard to hold drivers responsible for negligent driving that causes injury to cyclists. We also offer a number of defensive riding tips to help reduce the chances of being injured by a vehicle.

Bicyclists should be aware:

  • Always wear a helmet. This won’t prevent an accident, but it may save your life and spare you from brain injury in a collision or a spill.
  • Make your kids wear a helmet. Be the boss—no helmet, no bike.
  • Stop at stop signs. Yes, it’s a pain, but an accident hurts worse.
  • Use hand signals. Even if drivers don’t know what the gestures mean, they will slow down and pay attention to what you do next.
  • Avoid biking at night. If you must cycle after dark, get a headlight, a blinking backlight and reflectors, and wear reflective clothing.
  • Don’t be lulled into a false sense of safety by designated bike lanes. You must remain alert to drivers who may crowd the lane, cut you off or open the door of their parked car.
  • Don’t ride on the sidewalk. At an intersection, a turning driver won’t see you coming.
  • Stay out of blind spots and danger zones. Riding off the right front fender of a car is one of the most dangerous places to ride. If the driver turns right, you’re on the hood or under the wheels.
  • Make drivers see you. If you don’t make eye contact, the driver probably does not realize you are there. Wave a hand, shout, tap the side of the car or slow down if necessary. You may have the right of way, but the car wins in a collision.
  • Make drivers hear you. A horn or bell is the most effective way to say “Hey, I’m here” or “Hey, look out!”
  • Make drivers account for you. It seems counterintuitive, but riding in the left part of the lane ensures that approaching drivers spot you, keep an eye on you and leave you space, whereas they may not notice you until too late if you are hugging the curb.
  • Go out of your way. A side street with slower speeds, less traffic, fewer parked cars, and fewer driver distractions is less dangerous than the main drag.

For more tips on safety and defensive biking, see How Not to Get Hit By Cars at

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