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Summer Time Road Safety


Here in the Intermountain West, we take full advantage of our amazing outdoors environment in every season. And we are now in July, the heart of summer time. That means warm weather, travel and outdoor fun.

Not to put a damper on your plans for summer recreation, but you should also be prepared for safety no matter what activities you do. This includes being on the road, whether for a long road trip or to go to the nearby lake, hiking trail or summer barbecue.

We definitely see an uptick in cases during the summer and winter. While winter naturally results in more cases that involve snow and ice, summer has a high level of accidents and tragedies that happen on the roadway.

Why is this? Although roads are safer during the summer, they are more congested. Unfortunately, more drivers also results in more accidents.

Also, due to warm weather, more road construction happens during the summer. That sometimes leads to accidents where a contractor might create a confusing or inadequate traffic control plan resulting in a driver going the wrong way and getting in an accident.

We see too many lives change dramatically in the blink of an eye, whether because of a serious injury or death. No one ever anticipates getting in an accident. All you can do is be careful, and that isn’t difficult – here are a four basic things you can do as you’re on the road this summer.

  • Obey traffic laws – this is very obvious advice, and yet, accidents happen because people choose not to obey speed limits, change lanes carelessly or think they don’t need to obey certain traffic signs. Is aggressive driving worth the risk, especially with loved ones in your car?
  • Check traffic and road conditions – use your devices (not while driving!), check local radio stations, or use whatever source is available to receive traffic and road reports. This way you’ll be less surprised by traffic jams, accidents, construction and complicated re-routing.
  • Don’t drink and drive – more obvious advice, yet summer activities sometimes lead to intoxication and serious, fatal consequences.
  • Vehicle safety – finally, don’t neglect your vehicle. Do your annual checkups, change faulty tires and other parts, and do what you can to avoid a vehicle breakdown

Whatever you are doing this summer, being careful while on the road isn’t spoiling summer fun – it’s preserving it. We here at Cutt, Kendell & Olson which you a safe season.

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