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Fatal Layton High School Auto-Pedestrian Collision May Lead to Criminal Charges


On Monday morning, January 11, 2016, two teenagers, BaiLee DiBernardo and Eric Baarz, were walking in a crosswalk near Layton High School when they were hit by a Ford pickup, according to police. News reports indicate that BaiLee was transferred to Davis Hospital where she was pronounced dead, and Eric was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital in serious condition. The 32-year-old man driving the pickup truck may face multiple charges in connection with the car accident.

Although the Layton City Attorney’s Office may prosecute the driver in the criminal system, that does not foreclose the civil system as a means of recourse. BaiLee’s family may have the option of pursuing a “wrongful-death claim” in civil court, and Eric may pursue a claim for personal injuries. Finding a good attorney to prosecute these claims is essential, and it will be important to thoroughly research such attorneys before making a decision to hire one.

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