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Dust off Your Bike and Get Ready to Ride-Utah's Bike Month Is upon Us!


Cycling in Salt Lake City has become much more than a fun pastime to enjoy with friends and family. Utah residents are increasingly using cycling as a regular mode of transportation. Amazing organizations such as Bike Utah, the Bicycle Collective and others work tirelessly hand-in-hand with state and local governmental entities to develop and improve the state’s infrastructure and support a safe cycling environment accessible to the masses.

Utah has come a long way in promoting and implementing safe cycling throughout the state and is currently ranked #5 “most bike friendly state” in the nation. Utah also offers a wide variety of bike clubs from competitive clubs for the advanced “Type-A” cyclist to purely recreational clubs that welcome riders of all ages and skill levels. The Wasatch front is also home to dozens of different bike shops with owners who stand ready to share their expertise with their customers in helping them select the bike and the gear that is right for them.

Cycling has become such a mainstream way of commuting in the Salt Lake City area that Utah has dedicated the month of May as “Bike Month.” Bike Month involves many events and gatherings of cyclists and officials who work together to identify areas that need improvement in Utah’s cycling venues and come up with creative solutions that will make Utah an even friendlier cycling state. The usual line-up of activities during bike month includes a “bike to work” day as well as several scheduled bike-rides throughout the month. Check out Bike Utah’s website, or the calendar of your favorite bike-shop or bike club for a full schedule of upcoming events.

As more cyclists hit the road, it is important to remember that cycling can be a very dangerous mode of transportation if cyclists do not obey important safety and traffic rules and if motorists refuse to share the road. As you prepare to enjoy the 2016 cycling season, make a commitment to ride safely by complying with all safety and traffic laws. As a cyclist myself, as well as a personal injury attorney, I am keenly aware of the dangers that face us on the roads. I have represented many cyclists who have been seriously injured as the result of the negligence of others in failing to comply with safety laws, refusing to share the road or creating dangerous conditions that put cyclists in peril. Please be mindful of potential dangers and watchful of others as you enjoy cycling in Utah.

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