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55 Year Old Man Killed in Utah Car Crash


Each drive to the grocery store is also an opportunity for a car accident. Unfortunately, it is not always enough to be aware of one’s own actions-sometimes, injury-causing car accidents are the result of negligence on the part of our fellow drivers.

In Midvale, Utah, a five-car crash left a 55-year-old man dead. The accident occurred off of Interstate 15 at 7200 South. Police say that an elderly couple traveling south did not stop after coming off the 7200 South exit and instead drove into eastbound traffic. In addition to the man’s death, the elderly couple was transported to a hospital in critical condition and a pregnant woman was transported to a hospital in fair condition.

In assessing a plaintiff’s legal claims against a defendant in the wake of a car accident, courts look to the concept of negligence. A defendant driver who exercises less than a “reasonable” amount of care on the road may be judged to be negligent. If a court determines that the defendant’s negligence was the proximate cause of the accident and that the accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries, the negligent driver may be required to pay damages to the plaintiff. Types of damages may include compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and damage to the plaintiff’s vehicle.

It is a reality that the some of the most dangerous driving hazards are other drivers. Negligent drivers may cause death or serious injury to those with whom they share the road. Those who have been injured in accidents caused by negligent drivers may be able to recover damages for their injuries and seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney may make the road to that recovery smoother and less stressful.

Source:, “Officials identify man killed in 5-vehicle crash in Midvale,” Tiffany Demasters, March 7, 2015

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