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Time Limits on Utah Dog Bite Cases Explained


Personal injury liability covers a wide range of incidents predicated on the misdeeds of others. Just as an automobile owner is responsible for any damages caused in the operation of their vehicle, the same is also true for dog owners. If you have been the victim of a dog attack you may be wondering what your rights are and what the laws in Utah say about these incidents.

Utah’s Dog Bite Laws: A Brief Overview

Utah law is very specific about injuries caused by dogs and the related owner liability. Basically a dog owner is liable for any damages or injuries caused by the animal. This includes injuries that the owner had no reason to suspect may occur. For example if an 8 year old non violent dog attacks somebody, the owner is still liable for damages even if an incident like this has never occurred in the past. As such, Utah’s dog attack laws are classified as “strict liability”. Note that, even though dog bites are the most common dog attack related injury, Utah law also covers all other related injuries you may receive in such an attack as well.

Timeframe To File A Case

So, how long do you have to file a court case in the event of a dog attack? Given that dog attacks are highly traumatic events, filing a court case will likely not be the first thing on your mind. More important matters such as recovery and medical treatment of the utmost importance and Utah lawmakers understand this. Like many crimes a dog attack does have a statute of limitations to file a lawsuit in state court. However, in Utah the statute of limitations to file a claim for a dog attack is four years. Commonly this four year window starts from the date of the attack. You have to file within this four year window or the court system will in all likelihood refuse to hear the case.


If you’ve been injured by a negligent dog owner you have rights. The right to be reimbursed for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering are just some of these rights. When you need legal experts in the greater Salt Lake Area contact CKO Legal for expert legal advice and representation.

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