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CKO Client: Maryanne

On the morning of Sept 3rd, my husband had been in a rollover accident, caused by a semi truck driver. I got a phone call that he had been in an accident. My immediate thought was did he die? My brain started swirling. I didn’t quite know which direction to go in. I had no idea I didn't know what doctors to go to. I didn't know what to do with his job. I didn’t know if he would ever work again. And I had family who encouraged me to get a lawyer knowing that sometimes insurance companies don’t give you the fair amount of what the extent of his injuries were going to be. That is when we found Dave, and he had an extensive knowledge of brain injuries. He really from the second that we started talking to him he knew exactly where to go and who to be seen to get the right medical care for my husband. Because of CKO assistance and the fight that Dave gave us, we are now able to take care of all the medical needs that we have and can focus on James continuing to heal. We are able to have peace of mind and just move on with our lives.