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Police shooting of 25-year-old Farmington man

Police shooting of 25-year-old Farmington man

Cutt, Kendell & Olson would like to send our sincere condolences to the Allan family for the tragic loss of Chase Allan who was only 25-year-old when he was shot and killed by the Farmington police officers. Once again, this shooting has sparked controversy and accusations of police brutality. According to the police department, Allan was pulled over for driving without a license plate, and when he became “non-compliant,” they called for backup. When Allan refused to leave his car, a confrontation ensued and shots were fired by the five officers. Chase later died at a nearby hospital.

Allan’s family has issued a statement disputing the police department’s version of events, claiming that the officers’ actions were a “brutal murder” and that they shot Allan while he was still in his car, unarmed, and “likely terrified for his safety.” The family also criticized the police department for not releasing more information and for not reaching out to them. They have accused the department of stonewalling and have stated that they learned about Allan’s death through news reports.

The shooting of Chase Allan marks the fourth police shooting in Utah so far this year, according to a database maintained by The Salt Lake Tribune. This incident again raises questions about police use of force and the lack of transparency in police departments. The fact that Allan was shot while still inside his car and that the police department has not released any additional information about the incident is concerning.

The Law Offices of Cutt, Kendall & Olson have proudly represented victims of police shootings and the use of excessive case. Most recently, Nathan Morris represented the family of a 13-year-old, unarmed, autistic young man who was shot 11 times while fleeing the police. The video and subsequent statements revealed that the police knew that the young man was afraid of police and that he would run if confronted. Through Nathan’s representation, the family secured what has been purported as the largest settlement paid to the victims of a shooting by Salt Lake City Police. Nathan was also instrumental in helping secure needed reforms and changes with SLCPD. Read about it here.

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