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What kind of compensation can I get for a burn injury?


What kind of compensation can I get for a burn injury? First thing to understand is that there are two aspects to a burn injury, and both of them are very, very serious.

First is the physical suffering. Burn injuries that require treatment, particularly the in-hospital treatment, are some of the most difficult and painful procedures that a person can endure, and you really don’t appreciate that until you’ve actually been in a hospital to see what it’s like to have to go through those treatments.

But the other part that’s just as serious, in many cases, is the mental aspect. When a person has significant scars, especially on the parts of their body that are visible, the psychological injury, the emotional injury, and the feeling of isolation, the loss of confidence, and the things that go with how that changes human interaction is also something that can be life-long and is just as serious. And even in cases where you have the majority of the treatment being outpatient, if there are visible, significant scars in areas of the body that are visible, significant six-figure awards are very common.

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