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Bicycle Accident Tragedy Highlights the Importance of Advocating for Cyclists on the Road


Yesterday, it was reported that former University of Utah quarterback Brandon Jones tragically passed away in a bicycle accident near St. George, Utah. He played for Utah from 1994 to 1996. Posts on Facebook and other social media outlets show he was survived by a beautiful family. His life was clearly ended way too soon and in such a tragic manner. Our most sincerest condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

Utah has a very high incident of deaths related to bicycle crashes. This is not a problem contained to Utah though. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regularly publishes Traffic Safety Facts aimed at analyzing trends in roadway crashes. NHTSA recently found that more than 700 people were killed in bicycle related crashes last year alone, and the numbers are unfortunately rising.

There are many reasons for the rise in such numbers. There are more bicyclists out on the roadway, especially in states like Utah where road biking is very popular. This means drivers have to share the road with bicyclists, which they are not accustomed to doing. Distracted driving caused by distractions inside the car or on the driver’s phone causes drivers to pay more attention to things other than the road. Add to that a large 5,000 pound vehicle traveling 30+ mph and you have the perfect situation for disaster, and there’s not much bikers can do to protect themselves. Obviously, bicyclists need to follow the rules but are still prone to being injured by nearby inattentive motorists. This is why road biking can be dangerous, especially in areas where there is a lot of traffic. But it doesn’t mean an injury is your fault.

Our firm is dedicated to helping injured bicyclists and their families. We fight hard on behalf of your family to insure that we hold the person at fault accountable. Unfortunately, those at fault usually do not take responsibility, most of the time at the advice of their insurance company or lawyer. They put the economic consequences of their conduct above the condition of the injured bicyclist and the long term effect of his/her injuries. This is why you need a lawyer – to level the playing field and make sure your family obtains the justice it deserves.

Even one bicycle related death is one too many. Drivers should always respect bicyclists and share the roadway. They should act responsibly when there are bikers around. One wrong decision or brief distraction could cause someone else their life and forever change a family.

We are committed to fighting for clients similar to the family of Mr. Jones and helping them in the most trying of times. We offer free consultations to those affected so we can advise them of their rights. We will never pressure you into doing anything. We will lay out your options so you can decide for yourself. And if you decide to pursue a claim, we will only charge you when we recover a fair settlement for you. Contact us if you or a loved one is affected by a bicycle crash. We are committed to representing you.

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