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Ski Lift Safety Could Save Your Life


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and winter is in full swing for the holiday season. With it, comes record attendance at your favorite Salt Lake City snow resorts, such as Alta Ski Area, Snowbird and Brighton Ski Resort, where kids and adults alike are flocking to the ski lifts.

Although ski lifts are generally quite safe, sometimes negligence causes unnecessary personal injuries, at which time your best bet is to contact a ski accident attorney. There are stringent rules and laws to which park owners are bound. If you’ve been injured as a result of their failure to apply these rules – whether unwittingly or not – you could be entitled to monetary compensation for the compromise of your safety.

Just How Safe Are Ski Lifts?

Studies performed on ski lift safety conclude that they tend to be extraordinarily safe, most accidents are a result of human error. The mechanics might be sound, but this doesn’t mean a physical malfunction is impossible. You must make sure you follow all directions of the instructor, because in the event of an accident, your ski accident attorney will have to determine whether you were properly made aware of the rules – among other things.

In The Event Of A Ski Lift Accident

If you are involved in a ski lift accident at any of the Salt Lake City resorts or parks, it is imperative that you do not talk with an insurance provider – even if the club approaches you to discuss compensation. As a general rule, never accept the first settlement offer from any insurance company. Instead, contact a ski accident attorney to navigate these waters for you. Chances are, you are entitled to much more than they are offering.

Just as importantly, in some cases, speaking with the insurance policy manager can harm a civil case you may decide to bring against the resort or ski lift operators. Some companies have fine print in the contract that subjects your case to in-house mediation. Your Salt Lake City ski accident attorney will easily navigate the ins-and-outs of any such contract, and create an environment that fully benefits you. If you or a loved one are involved in a ski lift accident, give the experienced attorneys at Cutt, Kendell & Olson a call to make sure you receive your just due.

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